Puffy Nipples Syndrome Treatment Male

Most of the males in the world do not care about their physical appearance. They don’t care about how they look. They are confident in their own style. But some men are there out in the world who are really keen to make themselves in shape and care a lot about their appearance.  Usually, these types of men want a muscular body. But what if they are fat and have puffiness nipple syndrome.

Puffy Nipples Syndrome Treatment Male

Typically, not all males know about the puffiness of nipple syndrome. The think that this is a normal condition. But it is related to gynecomastia. This is a condition when glandular tissue comes into play. There is a benign growth of glandular tissue which leads to nipples to become puffy. This happens if: –

  • There is no exercise done
  • You completely are at rest
  • Always sit at a place and keep your eyes on mobile
  • Excess of body fat

Other reasons include: –

  • Hormonal imbalance due to internal issues
  • Steroid overuse which is harmful

So there are some remedies

es that can make you fit naturally and will reduce the puffiness of your nipples.

Remedies to treat the puffiness of nipples

Here are some remedies discussed below which will help you to maintain the nipple size and also to stay fit: –

Daily exercises

You have to exercise regularly as it will freshen up your mind and change your whole day. Do yoga daily to give your morning a beautiful bright start. There are some necessary chest exercises too that should be carried out: –

  • Chest press
  • Wall chest press
  • Push up
  • Incline cable bench fly
  • 8-12 reptations of weight lifts
  • Running 
  • Cycling
  • Skipping

These should be done on daily basis. To avoid excess of fat that accumulates under the muscles. This excess fat also is the one of the main reasons to increase the glandular tissue size and make an increase in puffiness of nipple.

Get stick to proper diet-

You may think that how would diet improve the puffiness of nipple, but it is the main remedy by which you can get your nipples in the shape that is desired by you: –

  • Eating green vegetables
  • Cutting down the oil content
  • Reduction of excessive sugar and salt

With regular exercise and proper nourishment, you can get the type of body you want.

 Try on ashwagandha-

As of now ashwagandha is the best-known increase of testosterone medicine introduces by scientist. As there is lowering of testosterone that takes place in male body at any point of time. So it helps to make testosterone reach at that level, increase the muscle mass, makes you fit, boosts your immunity up and hence, gives an indirect effect on puffiness of nipples.


Last option is to go for a surgery as the males who are in hurry to make their body appear pleasing can go for it. This requires proper consultation by doctor and weekly or monthly visit to surgeons.

These are some steps to make your nipples with your body to appear good.


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