Puffy Nipples Syndrome Treatment Female

The female body is something that is so beautiful. We wish that every woman should be proud of their bodies at all times. Nipples on breast are the most beautiful part of women’s body. These are parts from where a hungry child is being fed.

Puffy Nipples Syndrome Treatment Female

Many women have puffiness of nipple present but they don’t know about it. It is related to gynecomastia. You will be surprised to know that nipples or areolas form a puffy nipple mound away from the normal curve of the chest. This is generally found among teenagers during time of puberty which is key to breast development. These can also happen in –

  • Genetical changes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Excess fat

Is there any treatment to get rid of the puffiness of nipples?

Puffiness of nipple is not a major issue. But rarely it can lead to any medical condition. So, you have to keep a check. There are some treatments for puffiness of nipples that can be done: –

If you are over-weight then these can be carried out-

  • Do regular exercise
  • Go outside for running
  • Keep a check that you do regular running
  • Daily yoga is required
  • Pushups should be a part of your daily routine
  • Restrict your diet
  • Eat healthy
  • Reduce sugar and salt 
  • Grab on to green leafy vegetables
  • Chest press
  • Bench pressing
  • 15 minutes skipping
  • Chest fly’s
  •  Do pranayama daily
  • Use healthy food supplements where more of proteins are present

These should be done on daily basis. To avoid excess of fat that accumulates under the muscles. This excess fat also is the one of the main reasons to increase the glandular tissue size and make an increase in puffiness of nipple.

If there is hormonal imbalance then these can be carried out-

  • Consult your doctor
  • Take medications
  • Do not stress your self
  • Try breast massages

If there is excess of steroid intake then these steps can be carried out-

  • Do not take steroids
  • Stay calm
  • Consult a doctor

Other than these methods a women can also go for surgery for immediate relief-

  • A small incision is placed to remove the tissues of the glandular region by the surgeon which is called as tissue excision
  • Fat from the breast tissue is removed by the surgeon without removing the breast called as the liposuction
  • When there is severe form of gynecomastia mastectomy is done
  • Surgeon may also use a non-invasive fat reduction technique where topical lasers or freezing is used to reduce the fat stores present in the nipple.

You will feel cheerful and happy all day. You will be then surprised to see that it took only a month to reduce the puffiness of nipple. You will be back in shape. You will see changes in the shape of your nipples. The reduction in the glandular tissue mass will take place. Your beauty would be enhanced. You will feel comfortable in your own skin. You will try out new clothes daily to wear.

As this will give a shape to your bust. 

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