Where there is a will, there is a way

Where there is a will, there is a way

If you are a drug or an alcohol addict you may feel like there is no way out and that you are stuck for life.  Drug addiction mostly starts from trying to run away from the miseries in life. Some have financial instability, some have lost a loved one and some cannot bear the burden of existence. Substance abuse basically starts as a coping mechanism to deal with your daily anxieties, troubles and emotionally overwhelming situations. The troubles may soon fade way in the background and one may lose track of time as well. But soon after the addict realises that he has to deal with another emerging problem associated with the consumption of drug itself.

The easy way out has itself become an issue which needs to be solved for which there is sadly, no easy way out. Drug abuse has its own anxieties, fears and troubles which do not decrease by simply ceasing to abuse it. The individual soon becomes financially dependent on others and what is worst is that he only begs for money from his peers to get more drugs. Such a vicious cycle cannot be solved by the person alone. Empty promises made to loved ones to stop using the drugs and starting life anew go down the drain as soon as the addict receives money and is unable to resist the urge to get high. 

What follows is extremely detrimental to the health of the addict. The next weeks are spent buying more drugs and getting high every day. There is no sense of time for the individual and he does care for what is happening in the world. For another period of time he has created a fake world where he does not have to face the sufferings of his life. But this only lasts until he has money to survive on to buy the drugs. After this he suffers from anxiety, panic and desperation for another dose.

An addict loses his self-respect in society, from his constant begging people cease to trust him or expect him to act reasonably. Such situations calls for help which is seldom given due to the stereotypes and stigmas attached to drug addiction.  But there is always a way ahead even in dire situations like these. One must have to need only to become better with time and help will surely be provided once the individual tries to open doors. 


As it is almost impossible for the addict to recover on his own, he could join a detox centre where health professionals analyse the history of the patient before starting the treatment. Most detox centres are also connected with a rehab centre and when you complete the detox you may register in the rehab too. In a detox centre an addict is slowly made to let go of the drug and thus to reduce the dependency on it. Detox affects the body physically- it removes the toxins in a way so that the withdrawals symptoms or the physical symptoms are not extreme and cause the least damage possible.

It can take weeks and months for a complete physical recovery but even after its completion a person may have cravings to attain the ‘high’ again. To deal with the psychological cravings one can join the rehabilitation centre which is equipped with facilities to accommodate your needs specifically.  There are trained counsellors who can support you through the process and along with this there are art and music therapies offered. Ascendant Detox Connecticut offers services for detoxification of drug addiction.

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