Ways to convince a loved one that they need to go to rehab

Ways to convince a loved one that they need to go to rehab

The treatment for drug addiction starts the moment the drug addict steps foot into the rehab facility. And this is the hardest thing to do for others that are around the drug addict. These people can be your colleagues, they can be your family members, they can be your friends, neighbors, basically anyone that cares about you. This is the first step of recovery and it starts with the drug addict, that they should be aware of it at least a little bit that it was their decision to start rehab instead of anyone forcing, which is also needed at times. There is no shame in admitting that you are addicted to drugs and that your life is not the way it used to be. One should accept this mistake and start to go on a path of healing, forgiveness, and recovery—there is no in-between. It is either towards the healing part or it is either towards a path where you might never come out of.

Now that you know that there are two ways to go about the drug addiction problem, you need to know how to convince your loved one in making them go to a rehab facility to get treated for their drug addiction. Here is how you can achieve that:

Take them to their favorite place.

This is the first step that needs to be done correctly. If they love a restaurant, take them to the restaurant, if they love the zoo, take them to the zoo, if they want to go to an amusement park, take them to an amusement park. The point is, you should take them somewhere where they will feel at home, they will feel comfortable and happy enough to talk about something that has been making them confused and irritated for a long time. Why? Because drug addiction after a while just cannot be left all by yourself, it needs strict medical help to get you out of it. This can be quite hard for the parents to see, therefore, do this first step properly before you can persuade them into a rehab facility.

Start the talk with how they used to be and how you miss them.

This is the second step, to put an image in their mind and show them how they used to be before the drug addiction took a hold of them and changed their life for the worse. Help them understand and see how they were before, show them pictures and videos of their achievements in things that they used to excel at so they can reminisce on it and it can make them feel more grounded and in the real world so they can listen to your next points.

Help them understand why drugs are bad, and what these drugs can do to them in the future.

This is important and your wording needs to be very careful. Help them understand the drug that they are consuming is bad, it can really make them into something that they never wanted to be. Show them that the drug can make their organs weak, it can make them more prone to cancer, it can give them heart diseases, lung diseases, permanent brain damage, and it can even leave them disabled for life. Let them know the gravity of the situation they are in.

Be sure to remain kind with them throughout this whole process.

Kindness will go a long way, make sure your tone is nice and soft and that you do not make them feel guilty about their past lives. Just know that drug addiction happened, looking at the past won’t do any good, just move past it and take them to the drug rehab facility if they understand, and even if they do not, it is time to take them by force. Before you do that, you should make an appointment with a rehab center, if you click here now.

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