Top 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Greasy

Greasy hair is one of hair problem that no one wants to face.  Those who are facing with greasy problem usually find ways to stop hair from releasing oil. They try to wash their hair every day or use products for oily hair. In this article, we will list some reasons which may help to control or prevent hair from being greasy.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Greasy

 Touch up Your Hair

You have to realize that when you touch your face too much, this will make your face not only oily but also dirty. This is also the same when you touch up your hair often. There is a big chance that you will let your roots release a lot of oil.

 Too much heat

Styling your hair by styling devices or washing your hair with hot water too often can cause to greasy hair. It’s because the heat will stimulate the oil glands. Solution for this is to take hair care remedies such as home remedies by yourself or go to hair salon. And instead of using hot water to wash your hair, use warm water and rinse with cool water.

Over Wash Your Hair

You might think that in order to get rid of the oil and grease on your hair, you would need to wash it whenever possible but studies show that washing your hair too much can actually make your hair more greasy than usual. This is because you will be removing the natural oils of your hair because of washing your hair too much and as a result, your scalp would like to release more oil at the soonest possible time. If you wash your hair every day, you will surely have greasier hair than usual.

Brushing Too Much

Have you always tried to do what other people say about brushing their hair before going to sleep at night? It is true that you have the option to brush your hair often but if you do it too often, you will suddenly have hair that is greasier than usual. You may think that in the beginning, your hair is already looking glossy but overdo it and you will have an even greasier looking hair. Overdoing things can always be bad for your hair.

 Using The Wrong Products

You may be tempted to choose products that are considered to be popular. For instance, you may have some products that you only purchased because it was recommended by other people but how sure are you that those products can work well for your hair? Do remember that using the wrong products can have a huge effect on your hair. If you would like your hair to be greasy enough, use the right products that will provide enough oil for your hair.


You may have noticed that every time you are going through something that is crucial, your hair has the tendency to be greasier. This can be good if it would provide your hair with enough gloss but if you become even more stressed, this might result to hair fall. It will be best if you can manage your stress properly so that your hair will not be too greasy.

 Using Too Much Conditioner

You may have heard before that using conditioner can always be good for your hair because this will protect your hair from the various damages that you will encounter especially when you are always exposed to the sun’s rays. However, remember that the use of too much conditioner can be bad for your hair as it will make your hair too greasy to be styled. The tip is use less conditioner or use it for the ends of your hair, not all over, especially near roots or scalp.

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