Top 5 Benefits Why You Should Go For Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth? You do not have to live with that gap for the rest of your life. You can resort to dental implants to replace the missing tooth and obtain the natural look you had before losing the tooth. Dr. Jeremy K. Ueno specializes in dental treatment and can recommend dental implants to fix that gap. Dental implants are prosthetics that have a look that resembles natural teeth and also work like natural teeth, so you have normal functioning. They will blend naturally with your jawbones to restore stability and functionality. Here are some advantages you will enjoy with dental implants.

Prevents Further Tooth Loss

Your teeth will stay in place because of roots and surrounding teeth. Therefore, when you have a missing tooth, your surrounding teeth may bend towards the gap and become loose. The surrounding teeth may start to fall out one by one. You can prevent further falling out by using teeth replacement and getting a dental implant.

Natural Look And Feel

You will get a fit of a prosthetic tooth and dental implant which resembles the look of your natural teeth. The prosthetic will stay in the gum line so no one can notice that you have undergone a dental restoration. Additionally, the dental implant will provide strength and work like your natural teeth. Therefore, you will not always have the sense that you have a false tooth. You can chew normally and brush and floss your teeth without any problem.

Prevent Jaw Deterioration

Your teeth roots stimulate the jawbone, so they stay healthy. However, when you have a missing tooth, there will be little pressure on your jawbone. Your body will then reabsorb the jawbone and use its nutrients in another part of your body. Your bone will deteriorate until you seek treatment to replace the missing tooth. The implant will fill the gap and help your jaws to stay intact while protecting your facial symmetry.

Improved Confidence

You will likely feel less confident as you talk when you have a gap from a missing tooth. You may hide your smile and avoid talking and laughing around people. As a result, you will not easily interact with people. Getting a dental implant will fill that gap, so you do not hide anymore.

Improved Nutrition

You will find it difficult to eat certain foods because of a missing tooth. Your diet will mostly revolve around soft foods because you want to avoid chewing down in the gap to prevent pain and cavities. Therefore, your body may start lacking the specific nutrients it requires to stay healthy. Depriving your body of such nutrients may also give your body a hard time supporting the jawbones. However, a dental implant will allow you to eat normally again, so your body gets all the necessary nutrients.

After your permanent teeth grow, losing them means a permanent gap because they cannot grow again. However, dental implants can act as a replacement without having to feel like a fake fix. Your implant will be the new root of your teeth, and then a crown will be your new tooth. Implants will give you every advantage you gain with natural teeth, like proper chewing and decreased bone and jaw loss.

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