Top 5 Beauty Tips for Your Hair

Haircare has become a major issue in beauty and it has by itself branched out as a specialty field. The hair is an appendage that grows out of the skin through the hair follicle. A hair maybe compared to a tree, as it has a root seated in the follicle and it has a thick trunk forming its base and the shoot grows up and out of the skin. The hair derives its nutrition from the skin, the glands around as well as in the follicle. Hair requires sebum and some extent of moisture. The general conception that applying oil in the head causes hair growth is yet to be proven. The most important points to be noted in haircare are cleanliness, scalp hygiene, haircut and color.

Top 5 Beauty Tips for Your Hair


Your type of hair is the top consideration factor when it comes to haircare. As you may have noticed, not everyone has the same hair type. Some have dense hair, some have coarse hair and others have brittle hair. Naturally, haircare for each of these varies. Brittle hair requires strengthening while coarse hair requires softening.

The most basic thing about haircare is to wash the hair and scalp regularly with clean soft water. Never wash your hair with hard water or extremely hot water. Wash the hair initially by allowing water to rinse it well. Try gently massaging your scalp as water runs through it. Make sure to apply the shampoo that is best for your hair type. Ensure that the shampoo you use is of a reliable brand. Massage your scalp as you apply shampoo. Then wash the shampoo off and apply conditioner to the hair. Let the conditioner soak for a few minutes before washing it off and again rinsing your hair. If your hair is dry or coarse or brittle, there are several special shampoos and conditioners perfect for you. There are also special shampoos for dandruff.


The major problem in the scalp is dandruff. It is characterized by white flecks on the scalp and irritation in the head. Cosmetically and hygienically it is a great problem and causes great discomfort to a person. Proper scalp hygiene and cleanliness helps in controlling dandruff. Additionally, antidandruff shampoos and scalp oils can help keep dandruff in check. Choose a shampoo that has any of these antidandruff ingredients: coal tar extract, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, or sulfur. Tea tree oil contains antifungal and antiseptic qualities that easily reduce the fungus formation and moisturizes the hair. It is not advisable though to apply tea tree oil directly to the hair. Simply add 5 to 6 drops of it to your shampoo.

Hair Loss

Right next to a dandruff problem is weak hair and hair loss. The hair loss being talked about here is not the age related one. Rather, it is the sudden hair loss caused by a switch in your haircare products, by the water you use in rinsing your hair, or by any medication you are taking. You must make sure that the cause of your hair loss is identified. Many medical treatments cause a side effect of hair loss. In such cases the conventional methods of preventing hair loss will have no effect.

To prevent hair loss, here are some tips that could help you. First, never use too much of hair dryer as they can cause loss of hair. Never brush your hair for a long time. Do not change your hair creams shampoos or conditioners often. Never apply unknown brands of shampoos. Avoid getting too much hair coloring, drying or curling as it harms the hair a lot. Remember that no matter how safe a chemical claims to be, anything unnatural is only harmful to the hair. Never tease hair or backcomb it. It is very damaging and it also takes away hair’s natural luster. Do not do it especially with dyed hair.


A haircut can change easily make you look completely different. Whether you would look good or not simply hinge on your right haircut choice. Your haircut is a great channel through which you can make the real you shine. Face structure, body physique, hair color, and shape of the head are all considering factors for choosing the right haircut. Today, you can find hundreds of hairstyles available in the market. This allows you certain freedom to play around with your looks. You can go for elegant, quirky, breezy, flirty, or whatever you like.

Color of Your Hair

Hair color is yet another very important thing to looking beautiful. Before, you are more or less stuck with the hair color nature has given you. These present times though have considerably altered that fact and made everything more fun. Hair dyes have definitely brought a whole new dimension to haircare products. Even if the color of your hair is something you do not like, you can now easily remedy that. Plus, you get the freedom to change hair colors whenever you feel like it. You can dye your hair in saloons or even at home. Just do not make a habit of it though because hair dying can have adverse effects to the hair.

To make sure that changing the color of your hair is safe, take a good look at a hair dye’s ingredients. If it contains ammonia, never ever use that product. Changing hair colors more than once a week is highly not advisable. In fact to be on the safe side, do not change hair color more than once a month. If you do, your hair will turn thin and brittle so fast. If repeated dying cannot be avoided then use a proper conditioning agent after consulting a stylist or dermatologist.

There are a lot of hair colors available for you to use. The safest ones though are henna and indigo. They are the most side-effect free of the bunch. The rest are bound to give you one problem or another. Also remember that the color shown on a pack may not always be the same that would appear on your hair. Some dyes contain toxins that can be fatal. Extreme care is definitely in order. As much as possible, let experts dye your hair instead of doing it yourself.

Suppose you are planning to apply it yourself then wash your hair with a gentle bland shampoo and condition it. Towel your hair to dampness. Make sure it is not drenched. And then apply the hair dye according to pack instructions. Many dyes will mention that you should apply on unwashed hair but this is merely to make you use more amount of dye.

Before choosing the right hair color for you, consider your eye color, facial color and tone. If in doubt, then always consult with a haircare specialist for they would have greater experience on what color suits what type of face. Always start with lighter shade than darker shades, as it will be easier to shift from light to dark than from dark to light. Choose colors that are natural to your region else it would appear quiet odd, unless odd is what you prefer. Start applying from an invisible zone on your scalp so that you may stop the dying if the color does not match your tastes. If you are planning to remove a color then use utmost care to choose a proper removing material that does not damage the hair.

The ideal option to color a hair nowadays would be to choose hair color sprays or color gels. These are washable and can change the hair color easily without causing much damage to the hair’s integrity. Remember that hair colors are easily lost if your hair comes in contact with salt or chlorinated water.

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