Tips to Prepare for the Spinal Fusion Surgery

Do you have chronic back pain? If yes, you can attest that this condition is upsetting and can hold the individual quality of life hostage. Fortunately, in the modern days, you can lean on different treatment options to alleviate back pain. Your spine specialist will recommend the treatment depending on the cause of your back pain. For example, your specialists can recommend the Las Vegas spinal fusion if you have a herniated disc. Here are essential tips that will help you prepare for this surgical procedure.

Make Inquiries

You could have many questions concerning spinal fusion running through your mind. Due to anxiety, it will be difficult to remember every question during the appointment day. Therefore, it is good to list all the relevant questions and present them to the surgeon before the appointment.

For example, you can ask about the anesthesia options. After getting the answers, you will have a positive mindset when heading to the surgery, which is essential for the procedure’s success.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Whatever you eat plays a crucial role in dictating the wellness of your immune system. Your body needs a nutritious diet in the weeks leading to your surgery. Eat vegetables and fruits to boost your immune system, which will help minimize the risk of infections in the operated areas. Healthy food choices are also necessary for maintaining a healthy weight, thus avoiding excessive stress on the targeted spine area.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is detrimental to your spinal health, whether or not you anticipate the spinal fusion procedure. Cigarette chemicals obstruct the blood flow reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the spine organs. This instance limits the spinal bone’s capacity to fuse after the surgery. Additionally, smoking can hinder wound healing, prolonging your recovery time.

Therefore, if you smoke, you should look for the necessary resources to help you quit this habit before surgery.


Talk About Your Medications

Some medications can interfere with the effectiveness of the spinal fusion procedure. Therefore, you should disclose all your medications to your surgeon. Your specialist will instruct you to skip taking some medications like aspirin which would cause excessive bleeding during the procedure. Also, they will give you a prescription for alternative medication to continue managing your health conditions.

Plan for Ride

After the surgery, chances are you cannot drive yourself home. Essentially, the specialist applies anesthesia during spine surgery to alleviate discomfort. The anesthetic effects, such as drowsiness, do not recede immediately after the procedure and could make you poorly judge when driving. You should request your relative or friend to accompany you for a safe ride back home.

A spinal fusion offers an effective remedy for diverse spine concerns like a herniated disc. However, it can be upsetting to hear that you are about to undergo this surgical procedure. That is why it is necessary to prepare to alleviate the tension and ensure that the procedure runs smoothly. For example, you should ask relevant questions about what to expect during spinal fusion. Eating a healthy diet is also crucial to boost recovery after spinal fusion surgery.




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