Common Myths Revolving Around Cryosurgery

Your skin should be on the top list when maintaining your overall health. Essentially, this organ protects the inner body organs from harsh environmental conditions. In addition, your skin gives you a unique identity. Nevertheless, excessive exposure to sunlight can expose you to certain skin conditions. For example, you will notice the lesions’ development that will undermine your attractiveness. When left untreated actinic keratosis Santa Barbara can cause skin cancer. Fortunately, different treatment options such as cryosurgery can help you eliminate actinic keratosis. Here are the myths that should never hold you back when seeking this therapy.

The Procedure Is Painful

Some people are concerned that the cryosurgery procedure is agonizing. This myth is widespread since dermatologists conduct this therapy in cryo chambers at freezing temperatures. The truth is that the procedure does not hurt, especially when performed by a well-trained healthcare provider. You will only experience slight tingling on your skin during initial exposure to cold temperature, which recedes soon.

Recovery Is Lengthy

Many skeptics think that once you start the cryosurgery sessions, it will take a long time to start seeing skin improvements. Patients often experience redness in the treated skin areas, a normal side effect. Your specialist will advise you not to break any blister that could form after the procedure. After seven to ten days, you will notice an improvement in your treated skin regions.

The Procedure Is Costly

You may think you must break the bank to benefit from cryosurgery. However, the procedure is not as expensive as you might think. Many cryosurgery providers offer discounts, especially when the clients need multiple sessions. In addition, when you consider the long-term benefits of the procedure in preventing skin cancer, you will notice that the seemingly high initial cost is worth it.

Cryosurgery Is Unsafe

Some people continue spreading the olden ideas, claiming the procedure is lethal. For example, they claim this therapy will cause frostbite to internal organs. Although this procedure lowers the skin temperatures, the cold does not penetrate the deeper skin organs. Therefore, there is little to no risk of frostbite and hypothermia during and after cryosurgery treatments.

The Procedure Is Not Effective in Treating Lesions

While cryosurgery has gained popularity in improving athlete performance, it is not limited to that field. This therapy has proved effective in alleviating different skin concerns. For example, the procedure can help you treat the scaly patches that could trigger cancerous growth in the future. Also, this therapy only treats the target skin area, which helps to reduce the chances of scarring in the neighboring skin areas.

Do you have scaly and rough patches on your skin? If yes, you could suffer from actinic keratosis. Seeking timely treatment can help you lower your chances of developing skin cancer. Cryosurgery is one of the treatment options that can help you alleviate those lesions from your skin. While seeking cryosurgery, it is good to understand the truth behind the above myths. For example, if you think the procedure is painful, you will learn it is comfortable, especially when performed by a skilled provider. You will also learn that cryosurgery therapy is a cost-friendly procedure.

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