Seven Workplace Wellness Plans To Improve Employee Health


Employees are the backbone of a company. It is through their hard work and consistent efforts a company/business grows and prospers. So, as a business owner, you must inspire your workers to be their best selves, not only in the office but also in their lives. It is not unusual for most employees to neglect their health and get exhausted. 


According to an HR blog, two-thirds of employees face burnout. Exhausted employees lose health, and consequently, their work performance also deteriorates. This is where you, as a company owner, need to step in. Part of your responsibility is to ensure your employees are taken care of mentally and physically. You can do this by cultivating a wellness program that employees may use to recover from stress and other work-related health problems. 


A good wellness program is both nurturing and easy to follow. Your ultimate goal should be happy and healthy employees who can work without compromising their health. Here’s how you can take care of your workers:

  • Encourage healthier eating habits at the workplace

You are what you eat. Anything that goes in your body affects your overall well-being. In the case of employees, many of them are dependent on the office cafeteria, pantry, or vending machine for their meals and snacks. As an employer, you should ensure that your employees have access to clean and healthy food and beverage options. 


You can do this by providing a fruit bowl for free in the lunchroom. You can also replace all sugary drinks with fresh juices. It would be best to look into catering options that have healthy meals such as salads, organic proteins, and other nutritious whole foods. It would help if you develop healthy food and drink work policy. Also, don’t forget to add water coolers throughout the office, so your employees are always hydrated. 

  • Work towards general prevention measures

Prevention is better than cure. You can choose to pursue a masters in healthcare leadership to understand further why you should work towards general prevention. Or hire a wellness manager with similar qualifications. Such a qualification will enable you or the person you hire to address health-related concerns from a position of authority and with better know-how. It will help you stay updated about your employees’ physical health, saving them from a sudden onslaught of diseases. 


You should try and have a doctor visit the workplace often and discuss common workplace health issues. In case of flu season or any severe outbreak, you should ensure your employees get their vaccinations at either a discount or for free. Your company should also invest in health insurance for employees, including dental insurance as a perk.

  • Encourage more physical activities on the premises

Maintaining a regular exercise schedule can be challenging for employees working full-time jobs. While some do manage, you need to take steps and facilitate the ones who are unable. You can start a good exercise regime by providing all employees with gadgets like Fitbit. 


Encourage employees who live nearby to either walk towards public transports or utilize bikes. You can even organize annual sports events for the company. Another incentive you can consider is either discounted gym memberships or hiring a yoga instructor. If your budget and office space permit, you can even set up a gym to facilitate employees who cannot manage after work. After all this physical exercise, your company should install showers and lockers in the workplace so that employees can freshen up. 

  • Help their mental health

If your employees have poor mental health, it gradually takes a toll on your whole body. Suppose an employee is suffering from severe negligence in their mental health. In that case, they may throw not just their lives but the company into disarray. It would be best if you created a company-wide mental health plan to address such concerns. The plan should include asking your employee to be more open and expressive about how they feel, what’s bothering them, and talk about anxiety-related issues. You should train your managers to tackle mental health issues and step in when an employee needs help. 


It will help if you ask your employees to survey what they would like to see in a positive workspace. You should also find a professional therapist who can dedicate a portion of their time and resources to your company. Hiring one will be an even better approach to provide constant support to individuals experiencing trouble.

  • Create a smoke-free workplace

Smoking is highly hazardous to health, yet many people turn to cigarettes to break free from stress. To create a better working environment, you should ensure that you have a no-smoking policy. You will observe that keeping your employees away from smoke elevates their health. You can do this by making sure all company vehicles are smoke-free. Establish a non-smoking policy throughout your company, including any corporate events. 


If employees have a hard time letting go of their addiction, consider enrolling them in programs to help them let go of their habit. Your company should also be flexible with nicotine replacement patches to further curtail the practice. 

  • Develop designated napping spots

It is essential to pay attention to your body. Even if you feel like you had a good amount of sleep, you shouldn’t repress the feeling of drowsiness. It will help if you encourage your employees to take naps. This will also help them establish boundaries when it comes to their health. Since you’re inadvertently teaching them, no workload is worth your health. 


Naps will help your employees feel refreshed and more attentive. When employees can focus better, they will perform their work with due diligence. However, ensure that they do not neglect their work responsibilities for a few extra minutes of nap time.

  • Avoid long chair time

A typical office setting consists of a desk and chair. However, that doesn’t need to be the case with your company. Sitting on a chair for a long duration can take a toll on your physical health. It may cause your muscles to cramp up and become the underlying cause of a heart attack in extreme cases. It would help if you considered installing standing chairs and chair cycles. 


For shorter meetings, conduct them while you stand. It would be best to encourage your employees to take breaks between work and go for a walk. You can even look into keeping a 10-minute leg stretching program between work. 

Wrap up

Companies need to invest in employees’ health. A well-looked after employee develops both loyalty and honesty towards her/his employer and the company. You can do this by arranging healthier meals for your employees. You must also be vigilant about different diseases and how to prevent them from affecting your company. Encourage your employees to be on the move. Take care of your employees’ mental well-being. Help your company keep a smoke-free environment. You can even look into developing napping spots and encourage your employees to avoid sitting for too long. With these measures, your employees will be happy and well-cared for.


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