NCB full form – What is the Full form of NCB ?

NCB Full form is  Narcotics Control Bureau

It is a division of Indian federal law enforcement. It comes under the ministry of home affairs under the supervision of the honorable Home Minister of India. The narcotics control bureau in India was formed in March 1986 (36 years ago). The bureau coordinates with both the central and state government to ensure the drug laws of the government are in order and also assists other international drug law enforcement agencies in India. After knowing NCB Full Form let us see more details about it . 

NCB Full form

The officers for NCB are carefully elected from other departments like Paramilitary forces, Indian revenue service, and from IPS department. Some talented officials are also recruited directly. The main agenda of NCB is to fight drug trafficking happening all over India. They work closely with state police departments, Customs, and CBI (Central Bureau of investigation) to find any illegal drug production or trafficking in India. Along with that they also keep an eye on the Indian borders where they suspect possible drug trafficking with traffickers from other countries.

NCB can also be represented as EIC and it stands for Economic Intelligence Council. Also, it is the responsibility of NCB to make sure The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985 is ensured in all aspects. Narcotics control bureau doesn’t come under the Right to information act of 2005. You cannot demand any information from NCB using your RTI power, since the NCB data might be confidential, and leaking it might do more harm than good. Know MBBS full form here 

Narcotics control bureau

The headquarters of NCB is currently located at the nation’s capital Delhi. Offices of NCB are also located in other metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru. 

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