MBBS full form – What is the Full Form of MBBS ?

MBBS full form is Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of surgery

MBBS is an undergraduate course that is very essential to become a doctor. To become a government-recognized doctor completion of an MBBS degree is a very is a must. The duration of the course is around 5 years and you need to complete your 1-year internship in any non-profit organization to earn your degree. After the completion of the internship, you can study further to become a specialist. You can opt to study further and become an oncologist, cardiologist,  neurologist, pathologist, etc. As you understood the MBBS Full Form let us see more details about it .

MBBS full form

To study MBBS you need a minimum age requirement of 17 years. In India to study MBBS, you need to pass the NEET exams. Your NEET exam mark is compulsory to get placed in a reputed medical college. NEET committee lets you attempt the exam twice so that if you didn’t clear the exam the first time you can try another time. More than 15 lakh students are appearing for the NEET exam all over India. Out of those 15 lakh students, only 7 lakh of them were able to clear the exam. Others will have an another attempt to try the NEET exam. Previously there were exams for engineering courses too.


Along with MBBS students also opt for coerces such as BUMS, BDS, BAMS. Most of the people study MBBS in their won country and fly to some other first world country to do their Masters in Science. Also in the medical field, there are more abbreviations such as BPT, BHMS, GNM, ANM, etc.

Category wise Full Form :

Medical Educational Degree : Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Educational Degree : Molecular Biology and Biotechnological Science ,  Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery , Bachelor of Medicine/bachelor of Surgery
Networking : Managed Broadband Service


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