Is A Pre-workout Supplement The Best Nutrition For Abs

Those 6 – 10 little squares we see gleaming through lean bodies and tight skin is something we all dream about, and if you are well on your way to achieving them then hats off to you. Abdominals are one of the toughest muscles groups to not only grow but make visible without holding your breath or contracting your stomach for every second of the day, but once you have broken through that last barrier of stubborn fat and skin it is essentially all down-hill from there.

Gym enthusiasts are often commenting on how tricky it can be to maintain a good-looking set of abs even after decades of training and hitting the gym, only it doesn’t get easier, suddenly that downhill takes a turn and you are back at square one looking uphill.

What you need to do now more than anything is to not let your routine, workout, and most importantly discipline slip, while you may not need to train harder or push longer as you get older, a helping hand is never frowned upon.


There for you.

When you reach a certain age and you have essentially hit all the physical goals and milestones you have wanted to (and taken photos for evidence I hope) there comes a moment when you just want to ease on the throttle and take things a little easier. And no one can blame you, you have done the leg work, put in your hours, you deserve to go easier on yourself and your body. But it doesn’t mean to say that within a month you have consumed the entire McDonalds takeaway menu and living in sweatpants, no thank you.

You just need a helping hand to keep the momentum going and by that, we mean a pre-workout supplement, one that gives you the maximum reward for a percentage less effort, win-win. Before rushing out and buying everything on the shelves claiming to not only be the best but help you maintain the youthful body you have been sporting all these years be sure to do your homework.

Some products are certainly better than others but the tried and tested may not be as evident as you would think. Before doing anything take a moment to check out for a quick roundup of potential options to fuel your gym routine and to see which will be best suited to your lifestyle and physical demands as you head into your second trimester of a fit and active lifestyle.

Science has backed workout supplements and ingredients for decades and if adding a new pre-workout shake to your diet means maintaining what you have worked so hard for I am all for a helping hand. Who knows, it could just be the answer you have been waiting for when it comes to working smarter rather than harder, am I right?

Is looking good all it’s claimed to be?

Too often we judge or measure ourselves by what we see in magazines, on billboards, or what social media portrays to be the ideal image of the human physic, but do we ever take a moment to sit back and appreciate what we have.

You have been given a unique and specific body and trying to fit into society and its cookie-cutter-shaped mannequins are only going to lead to frustration and throwing in the towel when you approached it all wrong, to begin with.

Sure, to an extent looking good has its perks, but feeling good far outweighs that and we should look to better ourselves from the inside out rather than the other way around. There is a quote mentioned by a health doctor who says you should focus on becoming healthy to lose weight rather than lose weight to be healthy, meaning if you eat right the rest can take care of itself. Combine a good nutritional plan with a reasonably active lifestyle and half the battle is won.

The debate on this topic is never fully agreed on, see an interesting article on it if you click here, but what we can do is learn more about what body image is, why we place so much emphasis on it, and is it the be-all-end-all when it comes to climbing the social ladder.

Body beautiful benefits.

Many positives come with looking fitter than the average individual, of course, and it can be a good thing to strive towards if done healthily. Let’s take a look at the top 3 advantages of being leaner and more athletic.

  • The first evidence on feeling and looking more muscular or chiseled, you suddenly aren’t as body-conscious and have no issues taking off your sweaty t-shirt in the locker room.
  • With a great posture and physic comes the plus side of looking good in well-fitting clothes, and when someone steps into a room and the clothes have seemingly been tailored to their body this image sticks in your mind.
  • Believe it or not but employers do consider a better physically looking person over someone perhaps not as active, not because of how they look but the fact they see a dedication in that person. To achieve their muscular goals an individual needs to be committed, disciplined, and this flows over into their work ethics and practices making them a good candidate to lead teams and departments.

Irrespective of how you go about your fitness journey, the main objective is to do so safely, healthily, and to do it for yourself, not to ‘fit in’.

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