How to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles are the worst part of our face. If we wear branded clothes but on our face there are deep dark circles, it spoils all the show of our clothes or our beauty. Removal of dark circles is necessary. For looking beautiful you must know the reasons of dark circles and you can also cure them by home remedies. This article will tell you reasons and home remedies for dark circle. See the following points.

Reasons of dark circles

1) One reason of dark circle is that when you are not sleeping well and not complete your sleep in your daily life.

2) Deficiency of vitamin C, K, E also the reason of dark circles.

3) Stress, depression are the major factor of dark circles.

4) Smoking, Drinking, Allergies

5) Watching more and more TV give strain on your eyes.

Home remedies for dark circles:

1.) The most easiest or affecting thing for dark circle is cucumber. Just cut the slices of cucumber and kept it on your eyes and sleep for some minutes. This will also give relax to your eyes and help in removing of dark circles.

2.) Another one is make a paste of tomato juice, lemon juice with flour and apply this paste on your dark circles for some time. This is also effective.

3.) Almond Oil (Badam Rogan) also remove dark circles. Everyday apply it on your dark circles and do massage with it.

4.) Eat more and more fruits and also vegetables which are fulfilled with Vitamin E, C and K.

5.) You can also remove your dark circles by using Tea bags. Kept tea bags on the dark circles and sleep for some time. But one thing should be kept in mind that tea bags must not be so moist.

6.) Save your eyes with sun rays. Always use sunglasses when you go outside at daytime.

7.) Always kept your eyes far away from those things which cause irritation or allergies in your eyes. This may be the reason of your dark circles.

8.) Drink more and more water everyday.

9.) Potato Slices are also effective for removing of dark circles.

10.) Keep cotton balls dipped in rose water on your eyes every night

11.) Cold Compress – In the morning or evening apply a cold compress for about 10 minutes. If you have a mask you can keep in your fridge and pull out twice a day, that’s the easiest way to try this dark circle reducing method. Just make sure to keep it clean and give it a good soapy scrub a few times a week!

12.)Aloe Vera Gel helps in soothing and nourishing the skin. It makes the skin healthier, thereby reducing pigmentation under the eyes and healing the dark circles. Aloe vera gel also hydrates the skin.

13.) Saffron – Many clinical trials have proved that saffron enhances the complexion. Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which can help clear the dark circles under your eyes.

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