How to make Your Skin more Beautiful ?

The first set of beauty tips then will be all about the skin’s healthy glow and good tone development. As muscle covering, the skin radiates heat and excretes waste materials. Know that your skin is made up of oil glands and sweat glands. The skin also holds hair follicles. Your skin color is the way it is because of the melanin pigments. Any abnormalities related to these may cause severe skin anomalies and would be doubly hard if they are facial ones. So at the first sign of any redness, irritation, or discharge in your skin, consult dermatologists who would know best whether you can use a beauty product or not.

Skincare products are primarily intended for skin improvement and making you beautiful. But the large number of them available in the market can confuse you. So remember the cardinal rule before choosing any: Know what products are harmful and don’t buy them! Alkaline and acidic products are harmful. There is no such thing as low concentration, they are harmful! Contact with any of these products requires immediate washing with fresh running water. Doctor consultation is even advisable. Application of expired creams and face packs are definite no-no’s. Products without labels and manufacturing license details are highly suspicious!

How to make Your Skin more Beautiful

Take note that there are always natural ways of doing things. The best is getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep, after all, relaxes and reenergizes the body so it can only be good, right? The lack of sleep therefore can lead to hormonal imbalance which then leads to excess excretion of oil and skin darkening. Just take a look at yourself in the mirror after a night’s lack of sleep and you’ll probably have dark under-eye skin! Also, surveys indicated that a large percentage of teens who study late at night and eat poorly exhibit oily skin. With a sound sleep though, you are helping your body make yourself gorgeous!

Water is the next most important thing that can help you achieve clarity of skin. By drinking plenty of water, you are helping your system flush out the unwanted toxins that are even now accumulating inside your body. With this, you can make sure that you are avoiding any future complications. Know also that plenty of toxins accumulate in your skin. By drinking plenty of water, you have that much more to sweat out. And it is with sweat that the toxins get washed out, thereby clearing your skin most effectively!

If you are really serious about making yourself beautiful, you better learn diet consciousness. It is only through a healthy, balanced, and wholesome diet that you can have a high chance of achieving your goal. Your diet should be low on oils and fat but must be high on minerals and proteins. There is a standard list of things that are anti-healthy skin. You should minimize eating chips, ice cream, chocolates, pastries, fatty meat and cheese as they will just give you oily skin. With oily skin, you are more prone to acne! The best food items to consume are fruits, vegetables, fibrous food and protein-rich foods. Try eating a lot of apples, bananas, oranges, peaches, papaya, strawberry, lemon and watermelon. They are exceedingly good for the skin!

It’s also important that you are aware of your skin type. You can determine this through the following simple test. Wash your face well without applying any soap or facial wash before sleeping. 8 hours later, take a tissue paper and wipe your face gently around your forehead and cheek. If the tissue paper shows no oil then your skin is dry. If the tissue has become transparent with oil then you have oily skin. A mildly wet tissue indicates a normal skin. Those of you are living in extremely hot or cold regions, this test wouldn’t work. As for the rest, this could give you a general idea of your skin type.

Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

If you know that your skin is dry then it is essential that you start applying moisturizer creams on you skin. Dry skins are prone to peeling scars and rashes. It is a condition that is common in winter especially if the person is in a very warm room. Regular use of proper moisturizers will help you a lot. By proper moisturizers, this means you must use high quality effective ones. Tropical climates make the use of moisturizers with UV protection necessary. UV rays are harmful to skin and can even lead to skin cancer. If you spend lots of time outdoor, then UV block is a must. If there are rashes then consult a physician.

There are various home remedies for dry skin. You can use normal household dairy cream as moisturizer in the night. Wash it off 15 minutes after. It has great cooling effects and it helps to make the skin glow and become radiant. You may use any of the following crushed fruits: papaya, tomato, strawberry, apple, banana, pineapple, orange, peach etc. You can use it on the skin much like you use a cream. It would be much better if you use fresh fruits as much as you can. Always make sure that you wash it off properly after 15 minutes. Also, several night packs, mudpacks and moisture therapy packs are available over the counter in all cosmetic shops and they can be used if their brand is reliable.

Smoking has been known to cause dry skin so stop smoking. Gentle facial washes and scrubs are most advisable for your use. Use oil along with the water you bathe in. The next time you get into a tub, pour in some almond or coconut oil after soaking. This will make your skin feel really good. Avoid taking a shower in extremely hot waters and avoid highly chlorinated swimming pools. Dead skin cells can build up over time and make your skin unresponsive to lotions and creams. You must first get rid of this layer of dead cells. To effectively do that, use exfoliating creams first and then use moisturizers.

Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin is mainly due to improper diet, environmental issues, stress and the most important of all, hormones. The reason for oily skin is the increased production of skin oils, or sebum, usually associated with hormonal changes. For extremely oily skin the modality of approach has to be completely different. Oily skin need not necessarily cause acne, but it can cause breakouts if the skin is not kept clean enough. Acne occurs when pores are blocked by oil and dirt, which in turn gets clogged, and become a breeding-site for bacteria. Acne or pimple is basically a swelling in the pore due to bacteria and other pathogens. The pus, which is formed in the pimple, is an indicator of the body’s attempt to fight infection using white blood cells. Keeping your skin clean and your pores unclogged are necessary to prevent acne breakouts.

Washing the skin often is the ideal solution for oily skin. But this does not mean that you should wash the skin like a dish. If you believe that washing your oily skin with very harsh soaps and hot water is going to help, you are seriously mistaken. By doing so, you are just encouraging your body to produce more oils to counteract all that harshness you are exposing it to. The best approach is to wash with mild soap, facial wash, or cleanser and gently massage the skin while washing. A foaming facial wash is probably what you need. Use oil free moisturizers with UV filters and avoid using excess make up. Then you can apply a retinol product after washing.

You may use mineral powders for your skin to give a smooth shine free appearance but it is essential to wash it off in the night. There are several facial packs containing oats or tea extracts, which have been proven to be effective against oily skins. Avoiding oily foods in the diet also helps reduce the skin oil levels. Use only standard brands of creams for the skin. Oily skin and acne may often be found in allergic patients hence if the condition persists even after a month’s application of face packs consult a doctor. Avoid smoking, excess alcohol intake, drugs and eating read meat. Regular exercise can help open your pores. Also, when you sweat, your pores will open and get cleaned.

Skincare Tips for Normal Skin

For normal skin the most important things are UV protection and regular amount of moisturizing. UV protection is truly important to the skin and negligence of this leads to skin darkening and even skin cancer. The proper amount of moisture in the skin helps in keeping the skin look young. It prevents dryness and peeling of the skin. Regular facial washing with a proper diet and exercise plus monthly facial packs can make your normal skin the best there is!

Beauty tips for skin fairness:

A fair skin is probably the desire of every individual yet not all are gifted with it. Many individuals have dark skin because of heredity and genes. Although this cannot be changed easily, you should give up entirely. The skin color you have right now is yours and all you should do is have it appear at its prime! Many a times, people tend to darken because of exposure to the sun. The simplest solution for that is to use sun blocks and avoid getting exposed to the sun too much. If you cannot minimize your sun exposure, use skin moisturizers and facial packs regularly.

Use fruits like papaya, tomato, strawberry, apple, banana, pineapple, orange, peach and lichen as mashed packs and apply it on your skin once every month. There are also hundreds of fairness creams available in the market. It all then boils down to choosing what is typical and what is right for your skin. And of course, you should choose products that are suitable with your budget. Increasing the amount of antioxidants in the body can enhance fairness. Antioxidants are the key for young and fair skin. The best sources of antioxidants are citrus fruits and other fresh fruits and vegetables. By having a high fruit and vegetable diet, you can be sure to notice a lighter change in your skin color!

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