How To Dress When Losing Weight

You started out on a mission to lose weight and you’re passing the test with flying colors. While excited about the pounds coming off, when you look in your closet, your feelings are probably otherwise. If you’re still in the midst of your weight loss plan, you don’t want to go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe yet, but your current clothing seems to practically be falling off. Here are some tips to help you dress while losing weight.

How To Dress When Losing Weight


In addition to adding a stylish element to your wardrobe, accessories can also do a great job at masking imperfections. Consider purchasing a selection of wide belts and scarves. For a large dress or blouse, wearing a wide belt around your waist can help gather much of the excess material and make the dress look more fitted, rather than large.

When it comes to scarves, this accessory can do a great job masking a blouse that is too large around the chest area, causing it to droop or sag. Putting the stylish scarf over the area covers the problem.

Be Creative

You might have worn a particular garment a certain way before your weight loss, but you might have more options now that you’re smaller. Take a blouse that was two sizes too large before weight loss, for example. It always fit loose, but now you’re swimming in it.

You may be able to take this same blouse and convert it into a dress or tunic type of look that you can pair with leggings or thick tights. Simply put a belt on with the shirt and you’re done. Now that you’re smaller, you’re going to have to be a little more creative until you’re ready to buy new clothes.

Choose Wisely

Make sure you’re choosing your clothes from your closet wisely as everything isn’t going to look good on you while you’re transitioning. This is especially the case when it comes to jeans, unless they are a high elasticity style like jeggings. Normal jeans don’t offer much flexibility in terms of conforming to the frame. If a pair of jeans is too large, you’re only going to make yourself look larger.

Choose garments from your wardrobe made from clingy or flexible fabrics, such as jersey knit as these fabrics will generally cling to your body, even if they are slightly larger.

You can look stylish and great in your current clothes while you’re losing weight, you just need to be creative.

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