How To Change Up Your Look From The Office To A Dinner Date ?

If you’re like a lot of women and you wish to stretch your dollar a little bit further when it comes to your clothing budget—you’re not alone. Searching for an outfit that is suitable for your business career but can still carry you through to an important dinner date, is the ultimate go-to outfit. A romper or jumpsuit may be the solution to all of your design dilemmas while not breaking your budget.

Here are few accessories that you can choose that may help you make a one piece outfit work for you from dawn until dusk:


A jumpsuit is a one piece ensemble that typically covers you from neck to ankle as a pant suit. The jumpsuit was a popular fashion choice starting in the 1930s and has been on and off of the runways ever since. Jumpsuits have recently been making a comeback along with the romper—a one piece outfit that sports shorts or a skort as opposed to pants.

You can make this look classy and sophisticated for your workday at the office by wearing a pair of strappy high heels or cork wedges to add a professional touch. To bring a little romance and playfulness to your evening look, don’t worry about changing your jumpsuit, just add a pair of glittery high heels or strappy platform shoes to make your feet ready for the dance floor.


Rompers that are all one color allow you to use jewelry accessories to go from professional to casual in a matter of minutes. Gold is ever popular at the moment. For the boardroom use popular gold or faux gold jewelry with charms and colored stone accents including a:

  • Faux stone triangle necklace
  • Open-end cuff bracelet
  • Chain bracelet
  • Pendant necklace
  • Gold toned watch

For an evening out with the girls, dress up a solid colored romper with layered necklaces, studded earrings, gemstone rings and a collar body chain. Jumpsuits allow you to wear longer necklaces and layer colors and designs for a personal touch that makes you ready for whatever the night brings.


Because jumpsuits and rompers are one piece clothing ensembles, they lack layers. Sporting a layered look by using a jacket or sweater can add a hint of professional flair to an otherwise playful outfit. Long wispy jackets that are see-through mesh or nylon, give just enough professionalism without being overbearing. A playful jean jacket that enhances the jumpsuit can also dress up your look if you’re going out to a fun restaurant or club after hours.

Hair Wear

No matter if your hair is short or long, the right hair accessories can enhance how you look in a romper. For business, either keeping your hair up or back off of your face keeps your look professional. Use gold hair clips and combs to keep your hair in place throughout the day.

A bun donut makes it easy for you to take long hair and create a loose bun on top of your head. When it’s time to highlight a more relaxed look in your romper, let your hair down and add a rhinestone headband or a clip that accents your jewelry and the color of your romper. This is a great look for a casual get together after work.

Mixing and matching accessories is the best way to easily change up the look of your entire outfit. For a jumpsuit or romper, the style options are endless.

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