How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System ?

Valium or Diazepam is a drug that has a calming effect on a person. This medication is considered to be one of the best medicines to treat many conditions. It can treat anxiety, restless syndrome, muscle spasms, seizures, insomnia. It also acts as a sedative. It is a Schedule IV controlled substance and is regulated under it. This medicine although not very addictive is used and abused by drug addicts. Due to its addictive nature, Valium is sold in limited quintiles and sold only to the person who has a prescription. The prescribed quantity is also less since this medication can be very addictive. This medication can produce a euphoric feeling and make a person high. In this article we will see “How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System “

 Although its usage has been regulated and restricted, still its abuse happens and addicts use it. It can have a very bad effect on your body and health. It can cause dizziness, drowsiness, shallow breathing, depressive mood, the effect on sleep. This medication can become very dangerous if it is mixed or used with other substances or medications like alcohol, sleeping pills. So, a person should carefully use it otherwise it can have serious consequences and can put a person’s life in danger. Valium works by regulating Gaba a chemical that affects your brain. This chemical can affect your brain in many ways and can affect different regions of your brain like regions that control thoughts, memories, and even breathing.

How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System

It also creates that high feeling which makes it addictive. Valium can come in tablet, injection, and gel form. Usually, a Doctor tells you how to take it, and in which form. You should only take it after getting your Doctor’s advice and prescription. This medication is also called a Habit-forming drug. Its dependence should be avoided at any cost.

How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System

To detect whether a person is taking Valium and is an addict of the same various tests can be conducted. These tests work on the concept of how long does the drug stays in your body and different tests have different periods for their detection. These tests are-

  1. Blood Test-In the Blood Valium is detectable after the 6 hours of consumption. The window for detection in the blood is for a short period which lasts till 48 hours. Due to this short window, it is less frequently used as a method.
  2. Urine Test– You can detect Valium in urine after 1 week and up to 6 weeks. This is the most commonly used method to detect it. Urine samples provide you a long window to detect the Valium and thus it is mostly used method to detect Valium’s presence in your body.
  3. Saliva Test– A Saliva test can also be done for the detection of Valium in your body. Saliva test also has a good amount of window for detection of Valium. The window for Saliva starts from the 1st day and lasts for 10 days.
  4. Hair Test– Valium can also be detected in your hair. The time window for Hair test detection is up to 90 days. This is fairly a long window and this test can help you in detecting Valium in case of a person who has stopped using it and was earlier using it. But the results obtained by the Hair test cannot be completely relied on. So, using some other method can be a wise decision.

Well, these tests are used to detect how Long Does Valium Stay in Your System. But some doubts surrounding the efficiency of these tests in detecting Valium in your body. These tests might not detect Valium exactly but they may detect the components of Valium that are broken down by your body. Another factor that counts here is that Valium or its components do not immediately show up in your body samples like Hair, Urine, Saliva, or Blood. It takes them time to show up in your body. And also they don’t remain in your body forever. The body expels or removes Valium like another drug from your body. So, its detection can be a big challenge and even tests can fail to show any results.

Many factors can affect how long Valiums stay in your body. These factors are-

  1. Age – Age is an important factor that plays an important role in the elimination of any drug including Valium from your body. As a person ages, his metabolism becomes slow and he might even have many diseases that hamper the elimination of Valium or any drug from your body.
  2. Dosage– If a person regularly takes Valium detection in his body becomes an easy task. Since he is regularly consuming the drug his body has a large amount of traces of it in the blood. Even when you take Valium in large quantities meaning if you take a 30 mg dose it takes the liver more hard work to process Valium. So, due to this, the Valium stays for a longer period in your body.
  3. Metabolism– This is a very important factor since Metabolism the main process that decides how your body processes anything including medicines and drugs. If a person’s metabolism is fast he can easily eliminate the drug out of his body. And if his metabolism is slow it would take him a lot of effort to eliminate the Valium from his body.
  4. Health Problems– Health problems also slow down your body’s ability to process anything including medications and drugs. Health problems can slow down your overall body including metabolism. A person might be having a dysfunctional organ and that also affects your body in many ways. So, health problems can also affect the detection of Valium in your body since it can slow down its elimination from the body.
  5. Using other substances along with it– If you use some other substance along with it can also hamper the detection of Valium. These substances can be alcohol or sleeping pills or anti-depressants. Since a person might be consuming some other drug along the body’s task to break both of them becomes difficult and this hampers its detection.

So, these are the various factors that affect the stay of the Valium in our body. These vary from person to person and so does the stay of Valium in anyone’s body. So, you cannot generalize things and should always keep these factors in your mind. Hope you got the answer for how Long Does Valium Stay in Your System

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