How can at home Detox put you at a risk 

Leaving drug and alcohol abuse in the past without acquiring professional help is almost impossible. For patients with dependency on drugs and alcohol or individuals who are suffering from prescription drug abuse, stoppage of drugs and alcohol intake at once can prove to be a very risky and daunting complex process. Addicts tend to have very painful and strong urges of drug intake that can affect patients and can put the patient in life-threatening situations. Patients who try to stop addiction with at-home detoxifying methods can become vulnerable to numerous life risk factors. Engaging in such experiments not only puts a patient’s life at risk but can also be dangerous for the family around. Infinite detox allows patients to have a safe healing and recovery process with professionalized help from doctors and therapists.  

How can at home detox put you at a risk 

Why is the detoxification process bad at home?

At-home detoxification is surrounded by numerous life-risking factors. Drug abuse factors such as type of substance, time period of usage, and amount of intake are the deciding factors upon which a doctor prescribes a special treatment. When detoxifying at home it is very unlikely one would consider these crucial factors and will have any knowledge upon what type of detox treatment is required for his particular addiction. In addition, these factors impact health and create very challenging conditions for the patient. The facility of Infinite Detox Austin Tx ensures a long-term action plan to help patients heal and recover from the addiction to live a healthy and happy life.

Relapsing Factor

The most crucial step that leads to more than half of an at-home detox process plunges down is the failure of detoxing. It is very common that a patient stops the detox process on its own without any interruption. Individuals spend weeks or more trying to stop the addiction without determining the factors of detoxing that lead to giving up on the process. Some patients figure that they hold some control over the urges only soon to a daunting realization that their detoxifying method is not beneficial for them. In addition, in this process patients suffer from drug withdrawal symptoms and relapsing factors that break the strong will of patients. 

Health challenges to face when detoxing

Patients that suffer from addiction tend to face many life challenges when they start their journey to sobriety and healthy life. These challenges often can be complex and very dangerous, mostly requiring intensive care and needs a precise recovery plan prescribed by doctors. Detox Austin Texas center eases the recovery process for patients by providing prescribed addiction treatment plans. Following are the health challenging factors that a patient’s faces when starting detox:

  • Risking Mental Health Challenges
  • Risking Physical Health Challenges
  • Risk of Overdose

These factors are crucial for a patient’s recovery and create the most complications in the way of recovery. The most complex factor to deal with is mental health as it becomes the pioneer in the at-home detox stoppage. Therefore, a detox center ensures a good and comfortable environment for suffering patients.

Risking Mental Health Challenges

Detox is a mental state, emotions, and will testing experience for the individual that begins recovery. When a patient starts at-home detox one is unaware of the consequences and life-threatening challenges one will face. Due to having very high health affecting risk factors self-detox becomes bizarre and tremendously difficult. This difficulty comes to light due to the very many factors that affect mental health. Here are the daunting life-risking factors that a patient mentally


  • Crippling Anxiety
  • Acute Insomnia
  • Extreme Agitation
  • Acute Paranoia
  • Extensive Depression
  • Extreme Irritability

Collectively these factors raise many physical complications for a patient which leads to a life-threatening situation and often complete loss of will to recover. 

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