Hair Care Tips to Avoid Greying Of Hair

It is possible to keep the natural color of hair for longer than usual with a few life style change tips and tricks despite the fact that the age at which hair starts to grey being subject to genes. The grey or silvery hair is not a welcome sight to everyone and the first sighting of a grey strand may seem to spell doom to a person. This desperation compels most victims of early grey hair to embrace hair dyes in order to maintain that natural color.

Hair Care Tips to Avoid Greying Of Hair

While, that is a viable option but a few routine practices can ensure this does not result since the melanin pigment cells can be maintained longer or reinforced. Premature grey hair is usually caused by a decline of the melanin pigment cell found at the roots of the hair which is the source of natural hair color. Grey hair can result from aging, stress, and nutritional deficiency especially the vitamins, pollution, tuberculosis, vitiligo, hereditary, hyperthyroidism and malnutrition.

A few tips can stall the loss of natural hair color if put to routine in some effective home remedies, nutrition and healthy hair practices.

Supplementing vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the hair and skin, and a deficiency of the same can cause premature hair color loss. Most vitamins especially vitamin B12 is found in animal products like the fish, eggs, chicken and beef. However these vitamins are also present in fruits, nuts, vegetables and milk making them available even to the vegetarians. However, some vitamins like B12 can be supplemented through an injection or tablets especially for the vegetarians or persons who have issues with the absorption of the same.

Changing lifestyle habits

Formed habits like smoking are said to lead to loss of hair color and tobacco in particular is cited as the cause of grey hair especially in persons below 30 years. Therefore stopping smoking may aid in maintaining your hair color amongst other benefits like healthy looking bouncy hair.

Healthy Hair care

Unkempt or unclean hair can cause gray hair to come in quicker, because hair falls off much easily and whenever new hair grows back it has lesser color. This could accelerate the grey hair occurrence thus the need for healthy clean hair to ensure the natural colors remains for as long as is possible. Good health hair practices involve; air drying hair and thus less use of hair dryers and curling iron, refraining from brushing wet tangled hair to minimize breakages, avoiding hair extensions since they may cause hair loss and avoiding hair bleaches.

Using Home remedies

  • Use of egg oil 

Egg oil has zeaxanthin and antioxidant xanthophylls which can arrest the graying of hair and to some extent even reverse the same if used in the early stages. The egg oil should be massaged to the scalp at least twice each week and left overnight.

  • Onion remedy 

The vegetable onion aids in boosting catalase which in-turn helps restore the natural color of hair. The juice strained from a blended onion is massaged on the scalp and hair, and left for close to 60 minutes. The hair is then rinsed and shampooed to rid of the onion smell. This remedy can be used even up to three times in a week and after a month the grey hair will noticeably reduce.

  • Using coconut oil together with curry leaves or lemon juice 

Coconut oil is believed to restore nutrition and vitamins to the follicles. Curry leaves have vitamin B which is necessary for restoration of hair color. The mixture attained from the combination of the two after boiling, straining and cooling, is massaged on the hair. Noticeable results can be seen within four weeks of this routine if repeated at least two times on a weekly basis. Lemon juice can be used in place of the curry leaves since it also helps build on the color pigmentation of the hair follicle.

  • Amaranth juice 

Juice extracted from the amaranth leaves can be massaged on the hair and scalp, and left for about 30 minutes to help restore natural hair color. The amaranth has various nutrients which help in retaining the melanin levels in the hair follicles which will help in halting and restoring back the color.

These home remedies and many more like buttermilk pack, green tea, almond oil, Indian gooseberry etc can be applied on the hair to achieve significant result in arresting and reversing grey hair.

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