Does daily Applying Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss ?

In case you use hair gel each and every day you may be wondering why your are experiencing excessive hair fall. You maybe losing some 100 hairs a day whenever you shower and you might be concerned . So what is the major cause of this hair loss? Hair gels are a huge factor as they do include chemicals that strip away sebum and dry out your hair . The less sebum you have in your scalp and locks the more likely it will fall. Other factors that lead to your locks falling and experiencing thinning hair are:


Age. The older you get the thinner and weaker your mane becomes

Your excessive hair fall issues might be genetic- If it is genetic make up to shed your locks then you will shed and lose your hair. A hair gel will make it worse

Nevertheless all these points are valid but the biggest culprit is poor maintenance of your locks. Having said that here are a few ideas to grow your hair back and get a full head of hair.

The very best option would be to use some fresh Aloe Vera on your tresses and leave it on your scalp for an hour and then take a shower with luke warm water. You would like to make use of it on a daily basis until you stop your tresses from falling. As good as Aloe Vera is , it is even better to use a commercial hair gel item known as Mira hair gel, which combines Aloe Vera with herbs like Hibiscus. Hibiscus will go a long way to boost the anagen phase of hair growth by at least 30% . Aloe Vera runs supreme when it comes to finding a great remedy to stopping hair loss. If you use it you will in a few short weeks see increased development of your hair

Other methods to improve locks growth include the utilization of pure rose water as a rinse. Rose water has rejuvinative properties for the skin and can aid in the rejuvenation of skin and hair

Always keep your scalp clean, the cleaner your scalp and hair, the faster your hair will grow .you want to always wash your hair every time you sweat.

When you do use a herbal shampoo you will need to massage your scalp as you shampoo, this will help simulate the scalp and hair follicles. This will also help grow your hair faster and longer.

If there is on lesson to learn it is that by all means don’t use commercial grade hair gels as they include chemicals and dry agents which help harm and ruin your hair and scalp. All this tends to lead to a reduction in the amount of hair you have.

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