Common Myths That You Should Stop Believing About Hormone Treatments

Common Myths That You Should Stop Believing About Hormone Treatments

Your body has many chemical processes which are integral to your survival. Metabolism, growth, and reproduction are some of the body processes. Do you know the mechanism behind those biological processes? Hormones are the ones that regulate those processes in your body. Usually, these chemical messengers come from the endocrine system which comprises glands such as the pituitary.

Nonetheless, as you age, you experience hormonal imbalance due to the low production of some hormones like estrogen. This instance can trigger debilitating symptoms like fatigue, hindering your performance in daily activities. Fortunately, the Raritan anti-aging & regenerative medicine can help you boost your hormone levels, thus restoring your quality of life. Let us go through the following myths concerning hormone treatments.

Hormone Treatment Will Ultimately Cause Cancer

Some people fear pursuing hormone therapies, claiming they will get cancer. However, this is far from the truth since modern studies have flawed those ideas. The hormone treatment alone cannot trigger cancerous growth in the patient’s body. Only individuals with a history of hormone-sensitive cancers can get cancer after these treatments.

These Treatments Are Only Effective for Extreme Symptoms

You may think the hormone treatments will not benefit your mild symptoms. Nonetheless, you do not have to wait for the hormonal imbalance symptoms to worsen to seek these therapies. The hormone treatment can help you alleviate even the less severe symptoms. For example, if you have night sweats and hot flashes, your remedy lies within these treatments.

The Hormone Treatment Exists in One Form

Many people believe that there is only one type of hormone therapy. However, the reality is that you can benefit from either topical or oral formulations. The specialist will assess your symptoms before recommending the right treatment form for you. In some cases, the practitioner can combine the treatments to achieve the best results in boosting hormone levels in your body.

Hormone Treatments Are for Women

Some people continue spreading the olden ideas that only women can benefit from these therapies. The truth is that men can also encounter low testosterone levels as they age. Consequently, they will have a low sexual drive which interferes with their quality of sex. Therefore, even men can seek hormone treatments to restore natural testosterone levels and continue living fully.

Synthetic Hormone Treatments Are More Effective Than Bio-Identical Treatments

You could have heard promoters claiming that the synthetic works better since the scientist creates them. The idea here is the expert has tested the synthetic hormone therapies more than the bio-identical treatment. Although synthetic has been effective for many patients, bio-identical treatment has proved to be the best alternative to chemical products. Bio-identical hormone treatment usually mimics natural hormone production in the body.

Hormones play a crucial role in controlling different processes in the body. However, as you grow old, the production of some chemical massagers reduces. This instance will expose you to distressing symptoms like fatigue due to hormonal imbalance. Thanks to modern regenerative medicine, you can alleviate those symptoms through hormone therapies. Going through the above-debunked myths about hormone treatment will enlighten you as you anticipate these treatments. For example, you will learn that there are different types of hormone therapies. You will also know that hormone treatments are not limited to a certain gender.

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