How to Take Care of Your Hair after Straightening

It is not uncommon for people to be unhappy with the texture of their hair. Women who have straight hair want it to be curly or wavy, wavy people want curly hair and people who have hair that curls often want to enjoy the freedom and ease of styling that straight hair can bring. Many people choose to straighten their hair and there are a few different ways that they accomplish this task.

The type of hair straightening process will influence how you will take care of your hair. You want to make sure that you are not damaging your hair more by looking after it in the right way. Here are some tips that you can use that will help you understand your hair’s needs better and make sure that it looks as good as possible no matter which way you make it straighter.

How to Take Care of Your Hair after Straightening

Chemical or Thermal

Most straightening processes come down to two basic methods. Either chemicals are applied to the hair to make it straighter, or the hair is treated with heat in order to make locks long and smooth. Each of these different techniques can put different stressors on your locks and as a result hair can become frizzy, brittle or even damaged. Damaged hair can break without warning. It may also not take color properly, look dull or frizzy, or even become thin or fall out.

Thermal straightening with a tool such as a flat iron will often require the least amount of aftercare but the effects will also be the most temporary. It is no wonder that women who are tired of using a flat iron on a daily basis often take the next step and move on to a chemical straightening process. This can bring its own challenges when it comes to keeping your hair looking as good and as healthy as possible.

Knowing how to look after your hair properly when it has been straightened can keep your locks looking and feeling their best. Here are the tips and tricks that you need to know:

Conditioning your hair

You need to make sure that your hair is conditioned frequently. You can use a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis but this alone may not be enough. Try using a leave in conditioning product as well to keep your hair looking soft, supple and hydrated.

Combing Your Hair

Since your hair may be more delicate once it has been straightened you need to make sure you comb and brush it properly. Use wide-toothed combs rather than finer ones and make sure that you take your time rather than rushing the job. Rushing the task can mean that strands will break or the surface of your locks will become rough and uneven. This can reduce shine and keep your hair from looking its best.

Use products designed for straightened or relaxed hair

If you are using a chemical relaxer or straightening process, you need to make sure that you are using a product that is meant specifically for these conditions. They will help keep your hair in good condition and may even ensure that will prolong your straightening treatment.

Be prepared to use a flat iron

You may need to still use a tool like a flat iron to make sure your hair is perfectly straight. This is often most necessary after a thio or chemical hair straightening treatment. If you do, make sure you use a product on your locks that will protect it from the heat.

Do not re-perm your hair

If you get tired of straight hair, make sure you know which method was used to get rid of waves or curls before you try and perm your hair. If you have used a chemical process to get rid of your natural curl you may end up permanently destroying your locks.

Heat is not your friend

You need to be careful around heat if you have straightened your hair. Blow drying, using a curling iron or a flat iron may all end up damaging your locks if you are not extremely careful with them. Before using them for the first time it may be helpful for you to speak to your stylist about whether or not you will further damage your locks.

By using some caution and some common sense, you will end up with hair that is beautiful and has the texture that you want. Be prepared to baby your locks a little once they have been treated so that they look beautiful for many years to come.

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