Busted Myths Concerning the Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your body is a complex system involving many processes. Do you know the mechanism behind those different processes in your body? The hormones are the chemical messengers that coordinate an array of functions, thus guaranteeing you good health and survival. Unfortunately, as you age, you encounter hormonal imbalance, which usually triggers many negative changes in your body. For example, you will experience fatigue and tiredness when you have reduced testosterone production. Thanks to the hormone replacement therapy marina del rey, you can reclaim the optimal hormone level for your body and live on top of your life. The following busted myths will help you understand hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The HRT Causes a Blood Clot

Some people are still concerned that the hormone treatment will trigger blood clumping. While during the olden days, the HRT would trigger blood clots due to lack of customized treatment, in modern days, the hormone treatment does not expose the patients to the risk of getting the blood clot. You can get personalized treatments that address your health needs.

The Hormone Therapies Are Unnecessary After the Menopause

You may think that now that you have passed the menopause phase, you no longer need the HRT, but you are mistaken. You could still have hormonal imbalances even after the major changes in your body during menopause. Therefore, you should consider hormone treatments if you still experience postmenopausal symptoms.

The HRT Is for Women      

The widespread use of hormone treatments for women during menopause has hindered some men from pursuing these treatments. However, you should never let masculinity and stigma hold you back from seeking hormone therapies, especially when you have low testosterone levels impairing your sex drive. Through HRT, men can boost their testosterone levels and restore the quality of their lives.

The HRT Exists in One Form

Some people hearing about hormone therapies for the first time are convinced that there is only one type of HRT, which is not the case. Different types of hormone treatments exist depending on the method of administration. For instance, women can opt for oral medications such as Estratab to boost their hormone levels. Individuals finding it difficult to take the oral tablets can request the topical treatment which they will often apply on their skin.

You Will Get Cancer After the HRT

Many individuals still propagate the old ideas that hormone treatment will cause cancer which no longer has a basis. While getting excessive hormones into your body can cause cancer, hormone treatment alone cannot trigger cancerous growth. The HRT will only increase the risk of cancer for individuals with a history of certain cancers that are sensitive to hormones.


The hormones are crucial in controlling different processes in your body. However, as you grow old, the hormone levels start changing, causing imbalance, and igniting symptoms that eventually undermine the quality of life. Fortunately, through hormone replacement therapy, you can eliminate those negative symptoms by boosting the hormone levels in your body. If you anticipate the treatment, it will help if you understand the above-debunked myths for a better experience.

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