Bad Habits that Harm Your Hair

So you think that you do all that you can to make sure that your hair is well taken care of, right? Yet, your hair is dry, frizzy, or just plain hard to take care of. No matter what you do to take care of your hair, if you make these mistakes your hair is going to give your trouble.

Bad Habits that Harm Your Hair

Being in a rush

Being in a rush is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make when it comes to their hair. You should take the time in the shower to wash your hair at least every other day. Washing your hair too infrequently will result in products building up in your hair. The product build up is there even if your hair feels clean. If you tend to use a lot of product, you need to use a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month.

Another culprit of being in a rush is the inability to wait for your hair to dry. While heat is not always the enemy, trying to blow out soaking wet hair is. The longer you leave the heat on your hair, the more chance of damage. So either gently shake it out with a towel until it is about halfway dry or be patient and wait till it dries. Also, turn the heat down on your hair dryer. If your hair dryer has a cool air setting, use it. It may take a little longer, but it will do less damage.

Waiting is difficult, I know, but you should wait to brush your hair after getting out of the shower. If you are regularly getting out of the shower and immediately putting your brush in your hair, it is highly likely that you are breaking your hair. You will do more damage by brushing wet hair than you will by drying it under high heat.

Using the wrong tools

Every tool has a job. That is the same with brushes and comes. Brushes with natural bristles work best when using them to blow out your hair. They will, however, break your hair if you use them at other times. For normal brushing, not styling, you should use plastic bristles with venting. This allows the air to flow through your brush and your hair to flow smoothly through it. A comb should be used during styling.  Especially when you are straightening your hair.

Make sure that your hair straightener is the right one for your hair. If you have short hair you need a thinner straightener. The longer, or thicker, your hair is the wider straightener you need. Always make sure that it is under 365 degrees, otherwise, you are going to burn your hair.

Too many products

You may be thinking hair gel, sprays, and other styling products. Yes, these are bad when used in excess, but they can be washed out. Think a little more long- term. Perms, dyes, extensions, and relaxers are great ways to make your hair stand out. They are beautiful ways to great a look that is your own, but you need to remember to let your hair breath. You could consider it a hair detox. If you do not remember to give your scalp some time to breathe between saloon sittings, you will end up with hair that is dry, brittle, or worse not there at all.

Just go natural. Let your scalp breathe. Let your hair be free. There are many treatments available that will naturally detox your scalp. Olive oil, coconut oil, or even just taking a month off of any treatments can help you repair the damage that you are doing to your hair.  For the most part, habits can be broken and reversed. Go back to your roots, your hair’s roots, and let your natural color and texture shine for a while. You will see the greatest amount of improvement this way.

We all have bad hair habits. We all have room for improvement. Just remembering to be patient, to use the right tools, and to let your scalp have time to recover between dramatic styling can help you to repair your hair and repair the damage that you have already done

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