8 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

Having trouble falling asleep? It’s a serious issue because your body needs sleep to repair and energize itself. Lost sleep robs your body of this vital repair time, causing problems like listlessness and lack of energy.

These healthy and natural solutions help you fall asleep faster for more recuperative sleep and more energy all day.

Don’t Drink Coffee

Don’t drink any caffeine before bedtime. Contrary to popular belief, your body can not “burn off” caffeine. It stays with you for hours and it also stays with men longer than women. It’s no myth that caffeine will keep you awake, so a cup of coffee before bed is not the right way to go about getting a restful night of sleep.

If you’r going to drink coffee, do it in the morning when you need that wake-up call. Restrain yourself from guzzling free coffee all afternoon at work and, again, never drink it at night. Stick to these rules and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Relax With Pleasant Sounds

Play relaxing music at bed time. Or, if music doesn’t do the trick, play nature sounds. Rain, thunderstorms, or pleasant sounds of water lapping at the shore creates a mood of relaxation and gets you into a sleeping mode. City noise will keep you up at night, while no noise at all contributes to restless nights.

There’s plenty of sites dedicated to providing and playing these sounds, so check them out.

Solve Your Acid Reflux Problem

Perhaps the best way to improve quality of sleep is through your stomach. A recent study showed a link between acid reflux disease and sleep disorders. If you suffer from this disease and can’t sleep at night, seek help. Take medication to solve your acid reflux and enjoy better sleep.

Many generic drugs give relief for acid reflux at a great discount. Look to these alternatives. The cheaper price tag will give you more peace of mind, and that will help you sleep better as well.

Eat at the Right Time

Eating dinner too late or having a big snack before bed time will keep you up at night because it kicks your metabolism into gear. Plan your big meal at least four hours before your scheduled bed time and stick to it. There’s no reason to wait until 8 p.m. to eat. Your stomach needs to settle before you lie down to rest.

Start a Ritual

Rituals help our body’s relax and give our brain a framework to recognize. You have a ritual in the morning (getting up, showering, shaving, making coffee) that tells your body it’s time to start the day. You should have one to end the day as well.

Keep it simple because you don’t want to stimulate your brain too much. Just do the same thing each night like brushing your teeth, putting on your pajamas, and then reading for a short while. This gets your mind ready for better sleep.

Dim Bedroom Lights

Bright lights keep you awake; it’s a natural reaction you simply can’t overcome. Electronics, like the blinking smoke alarm light and ultra-bright digital alarm clocks, spread unnecessary light in your room. Dim the alarm clock’s display (if possible) or get rid of it and buy a clock without a lighted face. Light-block curtains keep stray light from street lamps and neon signs out of your room.

Keep the Bedroom Sacred

Remove all distractions from your bedroom and make this room for one thing only: sleep. Don’t do work in your bedroom or exercise in it. Refrain from using computers or watching movies in your bedroom, too. When you go into the bedroom your brain will only “think” about sleep and prepare you for rest.

Get Comfortable

Comfort is a huge factor in getting to sleep faster. Make your bed more comfortable first. If you toss and turn before falling asleep, your mattress is too stiff or soft. Go to a mattress store and find a mattresses that’s perfect. Or, add memory foam to your existing mattress. You’ll float off to sleep much faster.

Remove any distractions like pets and exterior noise that will keep you up. Put the pets in the other room and install thick sound-proof curtains or sound-proof ceiling tiles to muffle exterior noises; you’ll sleep sounder.

It’s harder to fall asleep when it’s hot. So, adjust your thermostat to a cooler temp when you go to bed. If you fall asleep fast and stay that way all night without waking up and throwing off the covers, your room temperature is perfect.

These remedies will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Try them for a sound night’s rest.

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