4 Exercises For The Overall Strength Of The Body

In today’s life, it is more important to stay fit and healthy. So we never feel sick, which is good for us. For staying healthy and fit it is necessary to eat healthy food but along a healthy diet we need to do exercise. By this, we can stay fit and always be happy. Today we discuss some exercises with you, which help you to stay fit and healthy so you can do your work well. Those 4 exercises for the overall strength of the body give you more strength and working capability at your workplace even in all the places you give your best performance.

4 Exercises For The Overall Strength Of The Body

Let us discuss the 4 exercises which you have to do daily:

  1. Chair dips: It is best for toning your triceps and core.

How to do: Firstly, take a chair or a bench for do this exercise. Now, sit on the edge of the strong, stable chair with together legs, keens bent and flat your feet on the floor a few feet in front of the chair/ bench. After that place, your hands about the distance of six inches and tightly grip the edge of the bench/ chair. Do your butt just off in front of the bench so your upper body is pointing straight down. Keep your stomach pulled in and your head center in between your both the shoulders. Now bends your elbows and lower body in the straight line. When your arms are parallel on the ground push yourself back up, being careful to not lock elbows.

How to make it easy: For making it easy you can keep your feet close to the bench and do it slowly, controlled, and swallowed.

  1. Squats: Squats are good for hamstring, glutes, and quads.

How to do: Firstly relax your body and stand on your feet in parallel and hip-width apart. Now bend your knees and lower-body in the squat position, like you are sitting on an imaginary chair, keeping your knees behind toes. And stop when your knees are on 90 degrees angle. Slowly press through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you return to standing position.

How to make it easy: Don’t bend your knees too much.

  1. Plank: Planks are very helpful to tone your back, shoulders, abs, chest, and forearms.

How to do: For doing plank pose, hold your body in the push-up pose, now weight on the balls of hands and feet, wrists below shoulders, arms straight, and body in line from head to heels. And hold your body in the same position as long as you can do.

How to make it easy: Instead of being on your hands, you can do it with forearms.

  1. Push-ups: Push-ups are best for chest, triceps, shoulders, back, hips, and abs.

How to do: Start in a basic position with hands directly under shoulders and body in a straight line. Bends your elbows out to sides and lower body mostly to the floor, keeps your abs tight and body in a line. Hold for one second and push back up.

How to make it easy: If you are a beginner then start to push up on the wall.

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