10 Healthy Foods You Can Have To Gain Weight

Gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing weight. Well, just by adding some foods in your diet, it can help you in gaining weight. Adding muscle is not that easy so you can consume the healthy foods for increasing your weight

10 Healthy Foods You Can Have To Gain Weight

10 Healthy Foods For Gaining Weight

  1. Protein smoothies–When you drink homemade protein smoothies, it can help you to quickly gain weight in a healthy way. The commercial versions are not healthy as these are full of sugar so it is always better to make your own smoothies at home like vanilla berry shake, chocolate banana nut butter shake.
  2. Milk – Fordecades, milk is used as a muscle builder or weight gainer. It has a good balance of carbs, proteins, fats, and also calcium. It also has a lot of vitamins as well as minerals. This can also help you in adding muscle.
  3. Rice– It is a low-cost carb source that helps you gain weight. It is calorie-dense and by this, it means you can easily get a large number of calories and carbs. Rice is very easy to consume and it gets digest easily. Well, some kinds of rice are very high in arsenic.
  4. Nut butter and nut –  Nut and nut butters are a perfect choice if you want to gain weight. These are very delicious and it has high-calorie treats. These are really great for you and you can also add it to different recipes and snacks.
  5. Potatoes – Starches and potatoes are a very cost-effective and easy way of adding extra calories. These also help in increasing muscle glycogen stores. Glycogen is an important source for various sports activities.
  6. Dried Fruit – It is a high calories snack that provides micronutrients and antioxidants. As these have high sugar so these are not for the weight loss diets. It tastes really great and this will help you to gain weight.
  7. Whole Grain bread – It is a very good card source for gaining weight. You can make high calorie, well balanced and simple meals by combining the bread with protein sources like cheese, eggs, etc. Whenever you buy bread, look for the natural whole-grain bread as it can ve very effective for gaining weight.
  8. Avocados Avocados has a lot of healthy fat. This calorie-dense which lets you gain weight. Avocado provides 322 calories and 17 grams of fiber. These have a lot of vitamins and minerals so you must add avocados to your meals.
  9. Healthy cereals – Healthy cereals are a great source of calories, nutrients, and carbs. Avoid any type of high sugar cereals and opt for the grain-based cereals. Focus on oats, bran, multigrain, and granola.
  10. Cheese – It is very high in fats and calories just like dark chocolate. If you eat this is a large quantity, then it is also a very good source of protein.

Consume healthy foods to gain weight and stay fit.

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