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PathAI, a healthcare technology company that specializes in developing AI-powered diagnostic and treatment solutions, recently announced raising $165m in a series C financing round. D1 Capital Partners and Kaiser Permanente co-led the funding round, with participation from Bristol Myers Squibb, Labcorp, and Merck’s Global Health Innovation Fund. The new funding will be used to expand PathAI’s commercial reach and clinical research capabilities.

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PathAI’s platform utilizes machine learning and deep learning algorithms to assist pathologists in identifying disease biomarkers and predicting individual patient responses to treatments. This approach is designed to augment the work of pathologists and improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities for a range of diseases. The latest funding will be utilized to scale up the platform and increase its usage in diverse medical fields.

Youtube Ryan kaji 23m 26mbergforbes

In addition to its current focus on cancer and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), PathAI intends to adapt its technology for use in new disease indications. This could open the door to new and innovative AI-powered diagnostic and treatment solutions for a range of illnesses. Furthermore, the funding will help PathAI to take its biopharmaceutical research and drug development to the next level.

PathAI has successfully collaborated with pharmaceutical researchers, diagnostic developers, and digital pathology companies. For instance, Labcorp has recently extended its partnership with PathAI to enhance clinical trials and to see how far the true potential of these diagnostic devices takes us. This collaboration is expected to lead to the development of AI-powered companion diagnostics to identify and diagnose diseases in the early stages.

PathAI’s machine learning technology has demonstrated promising results in predicting the progression of NASH as well as other severe infections such as chronic hepatitis B virus infection. This result showcases the potential for PathAI’s technology to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease, which is a global public health concern. So Youtube Ryan kaji 23m 26mbergforbes means Nine-Year-Old Ryan Kaji, YouTube’s $30 Million Man, Just Keeps Getting Richer .

The recent $165 million funding round marks a significant milestone for PathAI, following a series B round that closed in April 2019, in which PathAI raised $60 million. With this funding, PathAI is well-positioned to continue its groundbreaking work in developing AI-powered diagnostic and treatment solutions, thus offering hope to millions of patients worldwide.

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