How to Burn Calories and reduce body Weight

Weight loss depends on how much you are able to burn your extra weight. It depends on the burning of the deposited fat in your body. If you eat more cholesterol food, the fat which is not burned will get deposited in your body.

How to Burn Calories and reduce body Weight

Burn your calories every day with proper exercise

You can eat fewer calories everyday and burn them all. If you eat 300 calories every day, make sure that you do exercise and burn 300 calories. In this way you would be able to reduce at least 2 pounds in a week. You should be aware that a sudden reduction of your weight may affect your health.

Cycling to Office :

If you have the convenience of living close enough to work consider Cycling  to the office. And if the entire commute would be too far, split it up! Take the bus, subway, or train to a near point and then Cycle the rest of the way

Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals
Every time you eat a meal or snack, your gastrointestinal tract turns on, so to speak, and starts digesting food and absorbing nutrients. It costs calories to fire up the human digestion machine, so it makes sense that the more small meals or snacks you eat through the day, the more calories you’d burn.

Make yourself disciplined in your eating habit:

You can be aware of what you are eating every day. This will help to avoid the food item which are unhealthy as well as food item which can increase your body weight. Your normal intake of food is three meals a day and one snack. In between you may take tea, coffee or cool drinks. This is what a common routine.

Why don’t you think it in otherwise? Instead of meals, you can take a cup of vegetables either raw or steamed vegetables at least once in a day. This will burn your calories better, especially the raw vegetables. Moreover, they are having high level of fiber in them. Fiber helps to evacuate the waster matter from your digestive system more effectively. Thus you are benefited in many ways.

Your blood will also get purified if you prefer to eat raw vegetables. You can add one cup of fruits in your meals. This should come in your daily food plan so that your mind gets accustomed to the veggies and fruits. You can then avoid the fried items, which makes your body hard to burn.

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