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Rune Labs Invests $22 Million In A Technology That Converts Brain Data Into Neurological Tools And Drugs

Rune Labs is a cutting-edge software platform that is breaking new ground in neurology by collecting and analyzing data related to brain conditions. The platform gathers data from a wide range of sources, including electrophysiological brain readings, neurological imaging data, and wearables, and creates a centralized database that can be accessed by Medtech developers and pharmaceutical researchers. With Rune Labs, developing new treatments for brain conditions has never been more seamless.

What is rune labs series venturesparkfiercebiotech ?

The company recently closed a $22.8 million venture capital round, including Series A funding, led by DigiTx, Moment Ventures, and Eclipse Ventures. This funding has enabled the platform to expand in multiple directions, including enlisting more patients, clinicians, and many talented and experienced researchers to contribute crucial brain data for analysis and building out partnerships with some renowned pharma companies, Medtech makers, as well as academic medical centers.

rune labs series venturesparkfiercebiotech

Rune Labs platform’s software automatically labels and indexes the data as it is added to the system, which makes it more accessible and easier to use for researchers to extract the data they are looking for quite easily. This way, they can have a better understanding of neurological diseases’ progression and the overall effects on patients.

Moreover, Rune Labs has built partnerships with several academic research centers. Researchers gather readings from neuromodulation devices and wearables like Apple Watches, which are transferred or shared using a personalized app to Rune’s platform for analysis. The platform organizes electrophysiological readings matching them with the real-time data collected over the same time periods by wearables, giving researchers a comprehensive understanding of the neurological diseases’ progression and overall effects. By providing more insights, Rune Labs helps clinicians quite a lot with providing personalized patient care and making breakthroughs in neurology similar to those made in oncology.

Rune Labs aims to translate insights from the data into improved therapies for Parkinson’s and other severe brain conditions. Simply put, it is scaling up its ability to label as well as aggregate data sets, and all that thanks to its partnership with the University of California, San Francisco, and of course, its deep brain stimulation device study. So rune labs series venturesparkfiercebiotech means Rune Labs carves out $22M for platform that translates brain data into neurological devices .

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