Francebased Ai 180m Sanofihalefiercebiotech

Sanofi Teams Up With R&D platform developer Owkin At $270M To Research And Find Cures Using The Power Of AI

Owkin has recently teamed up with Sanofi, a renowned France-based drugmaker, to bring their digital clinical research platform to the forefront of oncology efforts, focusing on four different types of cancer. The collaboration between the two companies consists of a $180m equity investment and a $90 million partnership aimed at discovery and development, which will last for the next three years.

what is francebased ai 180m sanofihalefiercebiotech ?

What sets Owkin’s research network apart is its unique approach to bridging the gap between medical researchers and data scientists. Owkin builds and trains deep-learning AI models on large, decentralized data sets, allowing them to access patient data without requiring participants to pool their resources. Additionally, Owkin’s platform utilizes a federated system, ensuring that personal privacy is preserved while still granting access to data from thousands of patients.

francebased ai 180m sanofihalefiercebiotech

The primary goal of this partnership is to support precision medicine initiatives and biomarker development, which can predict patient responses to various therapies. The collaboration focuses on four cancers, triple-negative breast cancer, mesothelioma, multiple myeloma, and lastly the non-small cell lung cancer as well. Owkin’s platform is also being utilized to identify new therapeutic targets at the base level and also to optimize clinical trial recruitment. By working together, Owkin and Sanofi aim to improve patient outcomes and offer more effective treatments for these four types of cancer.

Sanofi’s Chief Digital Officer, Arnaud Robert, praised Owkin’s unique methodology and approach to AI on patient data. Owkin’s CEO, Thomas Clozel, believes that unlocking insights from vast amounts of patient data is the future of precision medicine, and it must be done in a privacy-preserving and secure way.

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Owkin has already demonstrated impressive results in several studies. A retrospective study with the Gustave Roussy French cancer research institute found that Owkin’s deep learning model had a classification accuracy of approximately 81% when predicting a breast cancer patient’s risk of metastatic relapse over the coming five years or so.

The recent partnership between Owkin and Sanofi has the potential to revolutionize the field of oncology, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes. Through its innovative approach to AI and data sharing, Owkin’s platform has the potential to bring personalized treatments to the forefront of cancer therapy, and collaboration with Sanofi is a significant step toward achieving this goal. So francebased ai 180m sanofihalefiercebiotech means Sanofi inks $270M cancer AI deal with R&D platform developer Owkin .

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