5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Your Workout Warm-up


 When you work so hard to stay in shape, you want to get the most out of your efforts and reduce your risk of an injury that could put you on the sidelines. Although you may be stretched for time, there is great importance in including a few minutes of warm-up exercises before you start your workout. 

Taking the time to stretch and oxygenate your muscles, ligaments, and tendons before your workout can help you to maximize your efforts and prepare your body.  Without the right preparation, you will struggle to get the best workout. You may end up spending half of your workout not being able to perform at your best without the benefit of a proper warmup routine. 

While a standard warmup won’t burn any calories or work to tone and build muscle, it remains an important part of your workout. You can get great workout advice from Steel Supplements and take a look at these crucial benefits of your warmup routine.


Increase Muscle Circulation

A brisk warm-up will help to bring up the temperature in your muscles. This increase in circulation will essentially prepare your muscles for the high-intensity portion of your workout. More time will be spent building and working muscles once they are properly warmed. Higher levels of oxygenation in your muscles due to your warmup will make them more pliable and able to function efficiently.


Reduce Risk of Injury

As an athlete, the last thing you want is to be sidelined due to an injury. When you add a proper warmup to your workout routine, you can lubricate your joints, prep your muscles, and reduce your chances of getting injured during your workout. Loosened and warmed muscles are more prepared for agile movements, impacts, and strain and are able to take more abuse without injury.


Mental Preparation

Ramping up your workout requires mental agility and focus. Taking time to work through a warm-up routine before you hit the gym or head out for a jog can help you to get into the right head zone. Your warmup time is a great opportunity to focus on your goals, work through your motivation, and get in the right mental state to maximize your workout.


Increased Flexibility

Starting a workout with tight muscles is a recipe for disaster. To be able to properly perform your intense workouts, your muscles need to be prepared through stretching exercises. Regular stretching before and after your workouts can reduce inflammation, prepare your joints, ligaments, and muscle tissue to be pushed during high-intensity activity, and improve your overall performance.


More Efficient Workouts

You don’t want to waste time on the gym machines with cold muscles. The best way to build and tone muscle is to prepare your muscles to perform properly during your reps. A warm-up routine can help to get your body ready to take on dramatic movements and efforts. 


Your warm-up routine should include some deepening stretches and a few minutes of mild cardiovascular activity to help you to ramp up your circulation. Take the time to add a healthy warm-up to your workout routine and get the most out of the sweat that you leave on the mat. 

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